In Argentina, the Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction is co-coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ White Helmets Commission and the Secretary for Civil Protection and Integral Approach to Emergencies and Catastrophes belonging to the Security Ministry.

The National Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction are established in accordance with the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction’ Guidelines (ISDR), an United Nations organism in charge of the Hyogo Action Framework follow-up and, presently, of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction approved in 2015 during the III World Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction (Sendai, Japan).
The ISDR focal point in Argentina is the White Helmets Commission.
Argentina –in tight relationship with the ISDR- established during 2007 its own platform for DRR. It is worth noting that Argentina chaired the Support Group to ISDR during 2007-2009, and that it has been one of the selected countries to report  its advancements in the matter in the official ISDR website.

¿What is the Platform’s goal?

The main goal of the Platform is to contribute to the increase of the resilience in the country in the face of disasters, for the common good of sustainable development, through the achievement of the following principal goals:
-To act as a coordination mechanism to intensify multi-sector collaboration and coordination to achieve sustainability in all DRR activities through a consultative and participative process in accordance with the Sendai Framework 2015-2030 implementation.
-To promote an environment conducive to the development of a culture of prevention, through the promotion and increase of existing conscience around RDD, as well as on the need and importance of integrating it in policies, planning and development programs, and
- To facilitate integration of DRR in policies, planning and national programs of various development sectors, as well as in policies and bilateral or international assistance programs for development.

¿What is the Platform’s composition?

The Argentine National Platform is presently integrated by more than one hundred members, representatives of:
-national provincial and municipal public organisms,
-specialized institutions (space, nuclear, basin activities, etc.)
-academic sector belonging to public and private universities,
-civil society, through its organizations involved in DRR,
-private sector, for example insurance and banking companies, providers of humanitarian supplies, etc.

¿How to become a member of the National Platform?

The sole requisite to integrate the Argentine National Platform for DRR is to contact the White Helmets Commission of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presenting the institutional relationship with the matter.
As mandated by ISDR, there is no individual persons enrollment. There may be enrollment of public institutions (at national, provincial or municipal level), private institutions, academic institutions, from mass media or the civil society, which state their interest invoking their relationship with the Sendai Framework objectives and priorities.

It is also worth mentioning that ISDR also requests that the coordination of National Platforms shall rest in the head of public organisms, as long as the responsibility of the country’s government remains in the fulfillment of the commitments arrived at in the adoption of the Hyogo (2005-2010) and Sendai (2015-2030) Frameworks for Disaster Risk Reduction.