Ambassador, Alejandro Daneri, an attorney at law and career diplomat, presides the White Helmets Commission since March, 11th 2016.

He served as an officer of the Permanent Mission of Argentina to the U.N. (Committee on Social and Humanitarian Affairs) and worked in the staff of the 43rd. UNGA President.

In Argentina, he was the head of the Administrative Office of the Foreign Minister as well as a staff member. He also served as General Director of Ceremonial in the Executive Branch.

Before his White Helmets appointment, he was working as an officer in the Latin American Affairs Under Secretariat of State Office in the Foreign Affairs and Worship Ministry.



Mariano Goicoechea y Garayar is a career diplomat. Attorney at Law, graduated from the Buenos Aires University and a post-graduate in International Relations.

In the Foreign Ministry he had responsibilities in the Argentina-Western European and Argentina-Latin America political desks. Also, a staff member in the cabinets of the  Latin American Affairs Under Secretariat of State Office and the of the Foreign Affairs Minister. At the international level, he undertook political missions in several countries, namely Peru, Colombia, Belgium and Chile.

Working in the White Helmets International Relations field since January 2016, has represented the Commission in several missions in Costa Rica, Uruguay, Panama, Dominican Republic and Ecuador, being appointed, since May 2016, as its First Vice-President.